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I offer a very sensual, relaxing, creative full-body massage for the gentleman, the lady as well as the couple and also workshops from 4 hours to 2 days alone and together with Osiris, an experienced tantric man.

My hands are dancing all over your body, you may enjoy passively or have a body-to-body contact. Your skin will become an oily lust area, my playground. All of your erogenous zones and reflex points will be stimulated, maybe preparing you for your full-body orgasm (Big Draw).

As a skilled masseuse I make use of the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Reiki, Shiatsu and Thai-elements. High-quality oils and silk scarves expand the pleasure. My massage may help to dissolve muscle tensions and reduce stress symptoms, energise you, make the muscle tissue more smooth and strengthen your nervous system. The accupressure (jap.: Shiatsu) harmonises and activates the free flow of energy in the meridians (energy channels in the body). The deep effect of the massage may last for several days, some guests tell me they are relaxed for about 2 weeks!

Good look is not important for me, charisma and life experience are values I appreciate with men and women. The well-groomed gentleman is always welcome.

Tantra Fusion Cocktail - Tradition meets Modern

A mix of: Tantra Massage -  Yoni-Lingam Massage - Tantra Erotic Coach -  Body- to-Body - Erotic Stress-Relief Massage - Massage Parlour                                                                                                                                   
I love the free flow but you are free to choose your preferred focus for the massage. You can stay completely passive, not touching me (the classical Tantra massage) or be more active (Body-to-Body). It depends also on my day's form, so not always a b-2-b massage is possible. I will tell you before, of course!

Sensual Ritual & Tantra Coaching for Her and Him

The sensual ritual I only offer after having an impression of you.

Sensual Tantra Workshops for the single person, a couple and up to 6 people

I can arrange a workshop starting from 4 hours up to 2 days, also with my tantric partner, Osiris, very experienced in the Tantra field and trained by Margot Anand. Please ask about dates and tell us about your special needs.

Possible topics: Free your mind of sexual blockades! - Male/ female self-images and most spread misunderstandings/ unconscious mindsets hindering the free flow in lust and sexual life - How to have more pleasure in your sexual play: Delay of orgasm - deeper arousal - massage techniques - Yoni/ Lingam Massage - breathing - bodywork - full-body orgasm - infertility and frigidity - witty ideas for sexual plays

  • Couple's massage – 4 hands massage with Osiris, a male masseur

  • Tantra & Aquatic Massage

  • Aphrodisia Tantra Cooking

Please look at the rates for more details!