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Aloha, Welcome, Namaste

I offer a highly individual form of sensuality & Tantra: Tradition meets Modern is my credo which fairly well expresses my lifestyle. All my offers are matching the modern man and woman. To me, most important is to look at the guest's special needs. You will meet a mysterious and enchanting massage parlour. Gain an insight into the world of Tantra or dive deeper if you are experience. I do without jossed sticks but not without breathing techniques and silk scarves.. You will be pampered by a very empathetic, tender and sensual woman with a profound massage at the highest level. Far away from the ordinary. Would you like to be a better love who knows how to seduce women? Stand up longer and prevent early ejaculation? I would like to look at your quality of touch and inaugurate you into the art of female lust! I see myself as an erotic artist: Every touch, massage and sensual union forms a new work of art - unique in its beauty. The way of creating this artwork makes it so special, this ecstatic flow of two people. Full of relish. The demanding guest can completely devote himself, dive into this erotic piece of art and the erotic massage – exciting, unconventional, sensitive.