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The exotic Muse

 A different sensual companion and massage parlour, far from the ordinary, not only with body but also mind and soul;-)

I offer sensual adventures in the form of touch, erotic massage and tantric union. All these have the goal of experiencing deeper sensual pleasure and higher dimensions of erotic life as well as stress relief.

My devotion to sensuality and individual care will inspire the discerning guest. The tantric experience I have is refined by training in healing arts (Lomi Lomi Massage, Shiatsu, body work and relaxation techniques like breathing, yoga and Watsu).


I see myself as a muse of the new age. Each touch is an expression of love. The more relaxed we are, the deeper the sensual-body-mind experience. That's why the guest will be spoilt as long as he is really relaxed. If certain acupunture points along the meridians (channels along which energy flows, according to traditional Chinese medicine) are stimulated, psychophysical tension is released.

I like to address all senses, gently, meditative, wild, staying with the moment, shutting down the mind..

Our encounter should be characterized by respect and tactfulness. I have my own way of expressing Tantra, it is not a firm concept but rather a sensual flow, feeling sensuality with all senses and in each cell, letting the body talk to each other, playing with the sexual energy and using its power for deeper pleasure.

Isis was regarded as the goddess of love and fertility, as one of the four great protector goddesses and as the mother and protectress of the pharaohs. Somehow I feel attracted to these qualities..

How exactly our encounter will look like we will see on our journey.

Please tell me about your wishes.


­I would describe myself as a caring, sexy, modern, deep, elegant, witty, humorous, playful, warm-hearted and sensual lady with style who attracts all the looks in a breathtaking dress without being brash. I can be a wild cat if you trigger the right ends..

I see myself as a companion, a muse and courtesan of the 21st century: My work is my love, so my intention is to transport this attitude with every touch. I love to celebrate our love as the most important and beautiful happening in that moment.

My passion is dancing (oriental, Jazz), singing (Jazz, Soul, World), aquatic work, cooking and being in the nature and sharing with friends. I love the sea, to discover new places and remote spots in Greece as well as the mountains, healing arts like Watsu and Yoga, Huna philosophy, Paolo Coelho, Herman Hesse, Milan Kundera, Chopin, Mozart, Tango, Nina Simone, good old soul music, sauna, tennis, sailing, interior design, martial arts..

There is also the modern, cosmopolitan woman with affection for fancy places, design and style, urban cities, exhibitions, musicals, opera.

Most of the time I wear elegant wardrobe but also love the comfortable sportive style, on demand I meet you in sexy lingery and high-heels. I am slim sportive, 5″9 tall and (yes!) with a natural brest 75 C.

I am trained in different massage techniques (Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, Watsu=Water Shiatsu).

Highly recommend the Tantra Aquatic massage in warm water-35 °C, with sauna and Tantra Massage afterwards. The Liquidrom in Berlin or the Spa in Bad Saarow (1 hr from Berlin) are perfect for that.

See you soon..