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Tantra Fusion Cocktail - Tradition meets Modern
Please choose your preferred focus:
Tantra Massage -  Yoni-Lingam Massage - Tantra Erotic Coach -  Body- to-Body - Erotic Stress-Relief Massage - Massage Parlour

For the acitve gourmet:
1,5 hrs. 170 € — 2 hrs. 220 €                                                                                 For the passive gourmet only - without touching the goddess:                                  1,5 hrs. 150 € — 2 hrs. 200 €

With sauna + 10 €

A journey with a seductive goddess to the empire of all senses. No joss sticks but breathing techniques and more for your modern needs..The massage combines very sensual elements with stress relief techniques (Tantra, breathing, Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu) and is recommended for people with high tension. Intense, deepest relaxation and very personal service. Please choose the focus of the massage. Fine organic oils, selected music and a relaxing atmosphere accompany the massage.

On request, I show you how to use your sexual energy for more erotic pleasure by regulating breathing and muscular techniques and/ or how to achieve the „Big Draw“(full-body orgasm). If you wish, I dress in special lingerie.

Sensual Ritual & Tantra Coaching for Her or Him

2 hrs 260 €  - 3 hrs 360 €
With sauna + 10 €

Deep encounter and more than just a massage - Refined female and male orgasmic potential:
You receive a deep Tantra massage (1,5-2 hrs) and can give me an inner Yoni massage. I will guide you through female lust, look at the quality of your touch and, if you wish, show you how to get to the Big Draw (full body orgasm).
On demand you receive a coaching for deeper erotic pleasure and  delay of ejaculation. Breathing and muscular techniques are essential for more benefit of the sexual power.

Aphrodisiacs Isis & Osiris: Coaching, Massage, sensual touch, aphrodisiacs and bodywork:
Free your passion & sexuality – high art of Loveoaching,

Isis for you alone or the couple 
2 hrs 280 € – 3 hrs 380 €
Isis & Osiris
2 hrs 320 € - 3 hrs 420 €
With sauna + 10 €

Coaching, Massage, sensual touch, aphrodisiacs and bodywork:

Free your passion & sexuality – the high art of Love
Become an artist of a deeper sensual touch and learn to stimulate the lust points more effecitvely - free your mind and (lutst) blockades hindering the sexuality - training „come into your male/ female power“ - what are your male/ female self-images – Tantra Coaching (Full-body orgasm-Big Draw ..) - slow sensuality and Slow Sex: How this raises the intensiy of your loveplay - delay of orgasm: Bodywork (breathing, muscular techniques..) - Aphrodisiacs (Maca, nutrition) - original and witty lustful ideas with silk scarves.. - Questions concern. your Lust, Love, Sex, parnership..
On demand, I work together with an experienced man, „Osiris“ (trained by Margot Anand, conductor of Tantric Workshops)
The body union we don't offer.

Massage for couples

2 hrs 280 € – 3 hrs 360 €
With sauna + 10 €

Enrich the relationship with your beloved , gain erotic inspirations...

Isis & Osiris Sensual Tantra Massage – 4 hands

2 hrs 300 € – 3 hrs 380 €
With sauna + 10 €

Isis and a male Tantra masseur pamper the woman or couple. Especially for couples who like to discover new erotic dimensions.

Tantra & Aquatic Massage
2 hrs in the Spa with aquatic massage and Sauna & 1.5 hrs. sensual tantra massage 280 €
An incredible experience in warm water (35 C)
You will be floated and receive a Shiatsu massage. Very soon you will experience deep relaxation of body and mind because of the warm water and gives you a feeling of forgetting about time and space. Feels like flying..Some benefits: Stabilizes joints, deep muscular relaxation, decrease of heart rate, deeper respiration, decrease of emotional pain and many more.

Aphrodisia Tantra Cooking

2-3 hrs Cooking & Dinner 250 €                                                                              plus rate for Massage of your choice

Cooking is one of my passions! I prepare a delicious meal with miraculous ingredients.. awakening all of yours senses. A special wardrobe will spice up our meeting. The Tantra Massage after Dinner will be the real dessert...