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Fine art of Tantra & Sensuality

Tantra is a concept like many others, nevertheless I make use of it. My way of living and working is Tantra and includes other concepts, my very own ones.

I live a deep form of sensuality, completely relaxed, the fine art of love-making, joy, ease, beauty..and would like to give that to people being open therefor.

So I see myself not only as a masseuse or goddess of love but also as a muse, intimate or companion on your way to more joy with your individual sexuality and more life energy.

My style of Tantra stands for refining all senses and discovering the slowness, out of which really deep sensation of pleasure can arise, this my experience.

The tantric union of female-male (yin-yang) energy is such a powerful state full of beauty and subtle sensations.

You don't need previous knowledge, just openness for the experience. During the massage you can be completely passive or discover some techniques like breathing or muscle contraction, supporting the use of the sexual energy.

In any case you will be guided in an exotic world, that's my wish!

The sexual energy is said to be a strong source for our life energy, what I would also like to accentuate.

During the Lingam- and Yoni Massage (genitals) reflex points connected to certain organs are stimulated. Also the pelvic floor muscels are crucial and strengthened, so that flexibility during the loveplay is fostered.

When sexual energy is activating the whole body by special breathing, a full body orgasm may arise.

With some practice this can be a very ecstatic experience. I experience it like a pulsing in each cell and a longlasting orgasm..

Tantra is also expressing how to use the sexual energy for longlasting, deep and sensual sex, to address very gently to your partner and to postpone or prevent ejaculation.

My tantric union is characterized by respectfully approaching each other, starting with a massage, changing to a mutual massage, slowly coming closer, a form of meditation or stillness, free of thoughts or words, flowing into a space of masculine-feminine fusion. Words aren't enough to express this state. The „orgasmic goal“ is best to let go, shut down the analysing mind, then there is the base for going and feeling deeper. There may be one or more orgasms..

I recommend to let go of all the concepts of Tantra and make your own experiences. They will be interesting in any case, I am sure!